VAT Calculation Download not opening

Hi, recently we have been having problems with downloading VAT Calculations into excel - we have tried it on several computers and it always comes up with the same error. This doesn’t happen for all clients however. I have attached a print screen of the error message we get, i tried to attach what the VAT calculations looks like when we say yes but it wouldn’t allow me (basically all in one column and looks very muddled)
Let me know if you can see them properly. I don’t know if we are clicking something wrong or not?

Thank you

It’s strange, I haven’t heard this one before and we haven’t changed this area for quite some time.

The file is definitely .csv but something is going on at your end that is changing it to .xls. Are you able to download the file? Check the extension is .csv and open it manually from your file system.

You may want to retry now. We made a slight change on our side to force the file to open as a CSV, I have a feeling it may solve your problem.

Please let me know.

Perfect, it works! Thank you very much Glenn.

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