VAT calculation rounding problem?


I have an invoice form Udemy that shows Net amount £6, Tax £2, Total £8.

Since 2 divided by 6 = 33% I’ve added a 33% VAT rate, although this does seem a rather high VAT rate for training content?

When I enter £6 nett the VAT is calculated as 1.98, a total of £7.98 not £8.00.

I can enter a new line to add 2p non VAT as a rounding correction, however it’s attributed then to the net amount and not the VAT amount.

However, if I enter the Total as £8 it calculates the net as £6.02, but at least the balance is correct.

What should I do to resolve this properly?

Also, I think I prefer typing the net amount and tax explicitly, can you do that, rather than relying on a % calculation?

Is the tax definitely VAT or is it a US tax?

Udemy is an American company, the invoice just says ‘tax’.

It is unlikely to be VAT then so it shouldn’t be treated as such.

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