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VAT - Change Reporting Dates to match Co Year End

First time poster, apologies if I did not find an existing thread on this, I did search.

My Accounts has asked me to change my VAT Periods to align with my company year end date.

I am looking to do this with HMRC but can someone advise how I change this in QF?



Hi @Mick_Stafford

The VAT periods can be changed by going to Reports >> VAT Returns >> VAT Settings.

However, with MTD, it’s likely HMRC will present us with the new date ranges anyway.

I would recommend downloading the calculations (as always) when it comes to submitting the return, as you may need to make one or adjustments.

Hope that helps!

Hi Matthew,

Many thanks for getting back so quickly. I will ensure the change with HMRC then change in QF making sure I download for overlaps.



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