VAT Columns on purchase

How do I input VAT into my purchase orders?
When I go to print the orders the VAT columns show, but they are set to zero.
I need an option when creating a purchase which allows me to select the rate of VAT.

Are you vat registered?

Hi, no we aren’t.
We have to pay vat on items we buy from our suppliers, my purchase invoices are showing zero vat. If I am paying VAT surely this means i have to account for it?
This is all new to us.

If you’re not VAT registered, you shouldn’t account for VAT.

You would just put the complete value for the item.

So, if an item was £20.00 + 20% VAT, you would just put £24.00.

Hope that helps

May be worth checking this old post of mine on the old forums:

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Ahhh right ok. Thanks.
So when i go to print my purchase invoices and the VAT is showing as 0%, that wont matter? As long as i have included the VAT in my price?

That’s correct with purchase invoices.

Obviously, when it comes to sales invoices - you can’t charge VAT, so it may show 0% VAT, which is correct too. :smile:

Its best to un-tick VAT Registered option under company settings

Quite right @Lurch. However, it’s also worth mentioning that if you’re not VAT registered and the box is unticked in company settings, invoices can still show 0% VAT (which I believe can be disabled through invoice customisation).

Yep, as expected, there is an option there:

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