VAT doesnt go as far back as when company opened?

We have been left in a sticky situation and are now having to declare VAT from as far back as July 2019, however after all invoices etc have been uploaded onto Quickbooks, it wont give me the option to create and prepare a VAT submittal. It only goes back to July 2020. I have checked in the company settings and the dates are right. Can someone please help as to how to create the 2019 report to submit to HMRC.

Many thanks in advance


Can I just double check that you are referring to QuickFile rather than Quickbooks?

With QuickFile the dates for the open periods are sent to us by HMRC so if there are periods that you’re not seeing it may be worth you checking the available periods with HMRC

Oh goodness yes sorry typing error. Ok so need to speak to HMRC thank you. x

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