VAT due calculation problem

I am looking at my latest VAT return and it is including a VAT due amount on an invoice that doesn’t include VAT.

The invoice in question is for services outside the EU.

I have since gone back and updated the client details to be sure this is the problem, but refreshing the calculation does not amend the problem.

I believe that any changes you make wil not retrospectively update previous invoices. You would need to edit the invoice with the incorrect VAT charge manually.

I suspect there is some VAT element on the actual invoice. If the problem persists let me know the invoice number and I will look into this for you.

Hi Glenn,

The invoice shows no VAT element so far as I can see, I have looked at it through the ‘modify invoice’ option and the VAT droplist says ‘No VAT’.

I have downloaded the calculation and the invoice in question is showing a figure in the BOX 1 column.

Should I communicate with you through email regarding the invoice?

You can send me a private message on this forum. Just click on my mugshot and a Message button should appear.

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