VAT export date errors

I’m just preparing my vat return for Feb to April and I noticed, from the export file, there were entries for sales in January 01 and even some from 2023 !! How do i correct this and remove these entries ???

Check to see if you are on cash accounting. Its quite feasible that sales invoiced in 2023, are being physically banked in Feb to April quarter.

I am on cash accounting - but unsure what the difference is regarding vat submissions

There are two possible effects at play here.

Firstly, since you say you’re on cash accounting, then it is the date of payment that decides which quarter a given sale or purchase belongs to, not the date of the invoice. If you invoiced a customer on 29th Jan and they paid you on 2nd Feb, then that sale is declared in the Feb-Apr quarter (when it was paid), not the Nov-Jan quarter (when it was invoiced).

The other possibility is late entries - if you submitted your return up to Jan and then subsequently added more relevant entries for that quarter after submission, then those entries will be pulled forward into the next return automatically. For example if you submitted your return while you still had some of your January bank transactions untagged, then subsequently tagged one of them as a payment against a 2023 sales invoice, the VAT on that 2023 invoice will automatically be included in the next VAT return that you submit for Feb-Apr 2024.

Thanks Ian - i’ve noticed some invoices show as paid on the day it comes in to our and some are due 30 days later - could this be an error on my part allocating different paid dates to different client payments in ( sales ) ?

That’s certainly possible, e.g. if you had a client who you invoice the same amount each month and you accidentally assigned their payment for February against their January invoice and vice versa. Ultimately QuickFile will report to HMRC whatever you’ve told it in your records, and you should always be able to dig back from the VAT return CSV export to work out why it included each item; if a client paid their January invoice in February then it is correct to report that invoice in your February return.

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