VAT Failed submission

Hi there im trying to send my vat return to HMRC but get a warning saying failed to send and a investigation will take place

It’s been over a week now and no reply my deadline date is the 7/3/19 so some help would be appreciated

Thanks Alan

Hi Alan,

Have you called the VAT helpline? If not please contact them on 0300 200 3700 opening hrs 8am-6pm m-f.


Are you signed up for MTD and if so are you submitting the return via the “HMRC” section and not the “VAT Returns” section?

Thank you for your response tried it again through Vat return and it has submitted.


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For anyone finding this in future:

If you are registered for MTD then you must use the “HMRC” section of QuickFile, connect your tax account and file via there - the “VAT Returns” section will not work, even if it suggests it has submitted successfully.

If you are not registered for MTD then you must use “VAT Returns”, which uses the older online submission system which isn’t part of MTD.


In fact I’d go further and suggest that QuickFile should disable the “create new VAT return” button in the “VAT Returns” section if you have connected a tax account that can submit via MTD (or at the very least pop up a warning when someone tries to use it), and also put a banner across the top of the “VAT Returns” section when you have connected a tax account to say something like “you can view your previous returns in this area, but you must use your HMRC tax account (link to the HMRC section) to submit new returns”

If the account is connected to HMRC, going to Reports >> VAT Returns will actually load the HMRC periods, so this screen is still relevant.

I believe we do also include a warning here to notify users to connect their account if they’re on MTD, although I’m unable to test this at the moment.

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