VAT figures incorrect - changing vat schemes

I am wanting to submit my VAT return but the figures are incorrect. The value is sales includes the previous quarter even though the return and payment for that period were submitted and paid previously
How can I correct the figures?

Hello @tony_wright

Are you on cash accounting?

Under cash accounting the return uses the payment dates to assign the invoices to the correct period.

You can view a breakdown of what is included by clicking on the magnifying glass next to each box on the return or by clicking export to get a full report.

For example if an invoice is dated February and paid in March the invoice will be included in the March figures/return

Hello @tony_wright

I also notice on your account your previous return was on Accrual accounting and you have since changed to cash accounting.

  • On accrual accounting the invoices are looked at
  • On cash accounting the payments are looked at

It is likely you will have to make a manual adjustment to account for this on the return (invoices posted in vat period but paid in a later one).

Thank you Steve, you have been very helpful today.
I have changed the setting back to accrual accounting which seems to have sorted the issue

Thanks again
Kind regards

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