VAT filing date error

Good evening all,

I used to be vat registered but de-registered in 2018. I have since just re registered, but when I try to file a new return, the date it defaults to is the quarter after I de registered in 2018. If I change the date manually, when I try to file, it throws up an error.

I have changed the date of effective registration to my new date In Vat settings.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance!


Thought I had fixed it but nope

You need to change the Vat Filing Start Date in the settings to the date you re-registered from.

Can you perhaps say what the error was? as otherwise were all just guessing.

Yes I have the new Vat start date entered in the settings, 01/03/2020. however when I try to file a new return, using the new date, (a part quarter, just March 2020) it Throws up an error

Vat return submission failed.
Please file the VAT return for the period commencing: 03/01/2018

When I go into the vat return it defaults to 2018, not the current quarter.

Changing it manually just brings up the error.


And your sure there are no vat returns in the past where they were unsubmitted? it may be best to get support in here to help @QFMathew

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Hi @vinylcutgraphics

Are you enrolled on MTD or are you using the older submission method?

Hi Matthew,

I was trying the old method, I have signed up to MTD, waiting for it to activate,



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