Vat filing date wont change

I was vat registered until last September, I have recently become flat rate registered as of 14 April 2014, how do I change my vat filing date, I have entered a new vat number but it won’t allow me to change the date and is pulling the figures in from after vat stop being charged to again. Thanks

Have you switched from Cash accounting to Accrual accounting? Flat Rate VAT is usually cash based.

Hi Glen
Thanks for the reply. No its still accural accounting, the thing is I de-registered for Vat in Sept 2013, then vat registered in April 2014 flat rate. It wont allow me to change the date for the first vat return based on the new vat number when I am charging vat again and is pulling all the figures from Sept to April. The new vat number is different to the previous one.

We’ve moved the VAT filing date forward for you to 14 April 2014. This will ensure items predating that don’t get brought forward. Would you mind taking a look and letting me know if that’s OK?

Thanks Glen, that’s great thank you. Yes that works now.
I have a question regards to the missing receipts, do I need to open a new thread?

No problem…

Yes, please open a new thread.