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VAT filing date

I have VAT set up as below:

Vat Period: Feb, May, Aug, Nov
Vat Filing Start Date: 01/02/2021

On the HMRC website it states that my next return deadline is 7th June 2021, but on my Quickfile dashboad it is saying the deadline is 7th May 2021,but underthe Key Filing Dates it shows
07/06/2021 VAT Return electronic filing deadline.

How can I get the dashboard to show the correct date?

Hi @Keith_Porter

The dates that are sent to us by HMRC so if you are seeing anything you’re not expecting then it might be worth getting in touch with them

Thanks for that. I will contact HMRC but the date is definitely correct on the HMRC site. It is also correct on the key filing dates - where does QF get this date from and why isn’t it the same as the dashboard?

Hi @Keith_Porter

I believe this date is calculated from your VAT settings. Have you submitted a return through QuickFile yet or would this next one be your first?

The next one will be my first.

Hi @Keith_Porter,

I have reported this as a bug to the dev team, but once you have submitted your first return through QuickFile this date should sort itself out as it will look at the previous returns dates.

Hope this helps

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I also have this issue.
Can I still file with Quickfile after the date has passed in Quickfile, or will that no longer be possible then?

Hi @nick2,

The dates that you need to look at are the ones given by HMRC the one on the dashboard has been created by a formula looking at another area in the account so may be incorrect but it does not affect you being able to file the return

Hi @nick2

This issue with the VAT date showing incorrectly has now been updated and should now be working as expected

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