Vat filing dates

we are trying to do our 1st online vat filing with QF, and it keeps coming back with an error from ‘CHRIS’ that a vat return has been done for the period, but we havn’t.

our account number is: ****411989

The error is:
By ChRIS : A return has already been received for this period 2013-07

but our last vat return to hmrc was to the end of april (so this period is may 1 to july 31)

is this a bug with QF or some problem with HMRC?

I have not rolled back yet and will await your reply


I found the problem, you had the VAT period set as Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct rather than Feb, May, Aug, Nov. In Quick File the VAT Period refers to the period start date.

thanks, odd, as i did go to that page just to check it was set correctly after speaking to HMRC and it was set to the correct so I never hit submit on the form. I will try again now.
thanks again for super fast reply

just rolled back and tried again, same erorr :frowning:

What dates are you entering into the VAT return on Quick File?

The error message is being received as a VAT return was already successfully submitted to HMRC for the period, if you view the VAT return, at the bottom of the VAT Return you will see ‘HMRC Responses for VAT Return’, which confirms:

yep, I saw the message seemed to be from hmrc, but we have not filed one for these dates, as from may 1st we moved to QF 100%. The dates in the return are the default ones placed in, 1st May to 31st July.

just to quickly also add, that the 1st 2 attempts to submit the return failed, i mean we never got an email from HMRC but a failure notice from QF, could this have caused a problem? a communication error with hmrc or something it said. So we waited a time then tried again, this time it said success, then 5 mins later we got the email saying it was unsuccessful, i am wondering if the 1st couple of attempts did in fact succeed?

Possibly, you can also log into HMRC Online Services to view the return submitted.

Could you have submitted the return through another system, what system were you using prior to Quick File?

will take a look, but i dont think so, we used quickbooks, but that all ceased at our year end April 30th, so some time ago, but we will contact HMRC, we wanted to start with you guys 1st as it did feel like something went wrong in the process when we got the 1st 2 error messages of failure. We will check out hmrc.

I looked at the error logs. Each one is stating “A return has already been received for this period 2013-07”. That’s what HMRC are returning to us.

well there was a problem with the submission from QF, the return is in there succesfully from QF, all correct and it is the one we submitted from QF… so, your system somehow failed on the 1st atempt we made when your system told us it failed, it obviously lost connection, sent the submission but didnt get the hand shake back or something? as the return went, then when we try again hmrc are saying they have it (as they do), but your system is saying we have an erorr so we have a problem.

It does indeed look like HMRC accepted the first submission but failed to send the acknowledgement back to us. To correct this we just need to update the status on the return. Leave this with us we’ll manually correct the return status for you.

excellent thanks, glad there is a simple solution was panicking.

what QB do is have a test file first before live submission to test handshakes between servers.

thanks again

The problem is the date and time stamp on the VAT return you filed with HMRC, i.e. the one they accepted is 09:57 am

But the first VAT return attempt made in Quick File was at 11:00 am?

We’ve corrected the status on the return so you should be fine now. Apologies for all the questions, we’re trying to figure out where the HMRC response went. We’ve submitted 100s of returns on this system so this is a new one on me.

thanks for sorting it. Basically what happened was this, at about 9.57 I tried to do a submit, i got an error from your sysem saying to try later, i gave it 5-10 mins and tried again, it failed again, i made a couple of calls then came back to it, this time it said it worked (i guess by not its about 11am), but then got the email from you with the hmrc message saying its been submitted already, so thought it was another glitch so i rolled back and tried again, same thing. Very odd, glad you sorted it.