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VAT filing problem

I have been using Quickfile for filing VAT returns for some time without problem. I am now trying to file my 1st quarter return but the return shows 0’s. When I open the 2nd quarter return, there are the current figures.

Is this a problem at my end or HMRC?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @richwilletts

It may be that you don’t have any transactions within that period for the VAT return to look at.

If you are cash accounting then I would recommend having a look at your bank account for any transactions through that period or if you are accrual accounting then you’ll need to look at your invoices lists

Thanks for the reply. The cash accounting transactions are all there and correct but are appearing in the wrong return period.

In vat settings you have to pick a start date thst the vat return first picks up data from. Set the date to before the first quarter.

Thanks. Already tried that.

Now re entering all invoices to see if that works.

If the invoices and payment dates are showing within the correct period then these should be picked up by the VAT return.

Just a quick one - you’ve not changed from accrual to cash or vice versa recently?

NO change. I’ve just reloaded my sales invoices and all seems ok now.

Probably something I’ve done but can’t figure out what!

Glad it’s all sorted now. It could have been a date issue. Hard to say without seeing it

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