VAT flat rate changes in Vat Returns Report marked as saved but not submitted to HMRC

How to change the VAT flat rate % in Vat Returns Report which is marked as saved but not submitted to HMRC? Please guide.

If it’s not been submitted you should be able to roll the return back, change the flat rate in your vat settings and then run the return again.

Thanks for your prompt reply. Additionally, other Vat returns quarter has already been submitted to HMRC with current flat rate scheme. My question is will it not affect if I will make changes on VAT settings and if not then what are the steps involved to re-run the VAT return for the saved one?

What exactly is the problem here? Do you have several previous returns that you submitted at the wrong flat rate or do you just need to change the rate from the current return onwards?

If you have been underpaying your VAT for a while then you probably need to get some professional advice from an accountant (I’m not one!) about the exact process to correct things and what penalties (if any) you can expect to be charged.

From a purely “how to record it in QuickFile” point of view, any changes you make to your settings should only affect future returns, they won’t retroactively modify returns that have already been completed.

Hi Ian,

Thank you for your email. The problem is with the Vat return quarter which has been saved but not submitted to HMRC.

For Vat return qtr Feb’18 & Nov’17 has been saved with incorrect flat rate percentage apart from the current quarters. So, my question is after changing the scheme rate how will I re-run those backdated Vat quarter which has not been submitted to HMRC but showing as ‘Save’ in the quickfile. What are the steps to follow to re-run those saved Vat to a correct rate? Please advise.

Do you need to correct your returns with HMRC, or did you submit the correct numbers to them and just need to adjust the record in QuickFile to match the manual submissions?

I don’t think QuickFile will let you roll back anything but the very latest return, so if you need to correct issues in an earlier one it might be simpler just to create an extra journal dated the same as the VAT return to adjust “VAT liability” account appropriately and put the balancing amount in “flat rate sales adjustment” (which I believe is what the FR VAT return would have done). But if you’re in any way unsure I’d recommend double checking with an accountant who can advise based on your specific circumstances.

If you’ve told HMRC the wrong numbers then definitely talk to an accountant about how to correct it.

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