VAT Form submission to HMRC

When I submit the VAT form each quarter how can I see what the HMRC can see on my Quickfile from that I submit ? Can the HMRC see ALL the information I put into quick file or just the VAT form submitted ?

Hello @Ray

HMRC only receives the values in the boxes. We don’t send any notes or calculations to them.

Once you submit your VAT return, you can view what HMRC received from your HMRC account directly on their website.

Thanks for your quick response. So I gather that the HMRC cannot see any of the receipts or details of the companies invoiced for sales or any of the data that backs up the information going into the VAT boxes on the form ? They see just the VAT form. I thought the idea behind “Tax going digital” was that the HMRC wanted to be able to review all the back up data of the business input files direct from their offices - without having to visit your business premises ? But if they only see the VAT form then I could just a cut and paste the values into the boxes with no input of the back up data - is that the case - like I did on the HMRC site before ?

Copying and pasting isn’t permitted under MTD. For the moment however, you can use bridging software (which we support), which allows you to upload your data from a spreadsheet or similar and send it to HMRC (again, it would just be the values of the boxes).

HMRC can’t view any of the invoices or receipts, files or figures in your account, but they may very well contact you and ask for the backing report.

OK thanks for that. It is much clearer now how it works. Thanks for your help.


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