VAT from EC states

I am buying produce from Holland which does not include vat. Yet, I understand the reverse charge on the system and have applied that. I have only had 3 invoices from Holland so, its easy to work out that the figure in Box 2 should be 452.11 (the 20% vat), and the total in Box 9 should be £2263.56 (the good purchase without VAT.)

However, the boxes does not say this.

It says 326.09 in box 2 and 1630. in box 9.

I have spoken to the VAT online and they have confirmed my figures are correct. PLEASE HELP.

Invoice #QF00640 was actually paid in February, outside your VAT period (01/11/2014 to 31/01/2015). For that reason this entry won’t feature in that particular VAT return, if you work out the VAT on the 2 other invoices it matches what is going into box 2.

Hope that helps!

It does help and thanks very much for this.

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