VAT from purchase not showing up in return


I made a purchase in July for £1,000 plus vat, this was paid in full in July we are on a cash accounting scheme but the amount has not shown up in the ‘download’ figures and the purchase invoice is marked as paid with the VAT shown on it.

I am concerned that this is a bug and may have affected previous VAT returns.

I’ve used QF for a number of years so I am not new to the system so is it possible for someone to PM and have a look into my account and see what the issue is please?


Have you accidentally ticked the out of scope box or something?

Hi Dave,

Have you double checked the payment that’s linked to the invoice? and checked the date is within the VAT return period? you should be able to go into the invoice and view any linked payments. I would also double check that there is VAT showing on the invoice.

Let me know how you get on, if you need me to take a further look then please send me a private message with your QuickFile account number.


Nope - all done the same as every other VAT entry, it’s just not included, invoiced 22/7 paid 22/7, VAT shown on the invoice, supplier record marked as standard VAT no exceptions

Beth - I have PM you the details.

Big thanks to Beth - support for QF spot on as usual.

As usual - user error!!! so hands up to that, thanks for the replies.



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