VAT in Sterling, Purchase outside EU in Euros

How do I enter up a fixed Sterling VAT amount paid to HMRC for a Non-EU Purchase paid in bought Euros?

Can I please get some support on how to enter these invoices into Quick File so it is picked up by HMRC?

Hello @Timber

Apologies for the delay.

Just to clarify - am I right in thinking you’ve just paid VAT to HMRC? Have you accounted for this in terms of purchases? In some instances for example, you would be issued a document by customs or similar requesting the payment for the VAT.

Yes VAT paid direct to HMRC in Sterling against a customs invoice, but how does MIT VAT in Quick File relate this to the Euro invoice value paid to Sellers?
Should I enter a Purchasers Euro Invoice VAT free and a Sterling VAT invoice to HMRC?

That sounds right to me. The overseas seller didn’t charge you any VAT, so the Euro invoice will be VAT free. The VAT was paid direct to HMRC and they will have issued you a C79 form which is the evidence you need to be able to claim the VAT back on your next return.

Thanks. The VAT is going through MTD scheme automatically so will run a test VAT return now and check again at the next quarter.