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VAT input on purchases

I am new to quick file having used excel foe accounts til now. I have found my way through the basic entries but my purchase items are not transfering to my VAT account although sales Vat is transferred. Can anyone give some insight. Thanks

Accrual or cash accounting, and are you on the flat rate scheme?

Thanks for replying. I have however through trial and error on my practice account been able to solve the problem which was due to dates on invoice payments not aligning with VAT return dates!!

E Grant

In what way was it not aligning? Cash accounting means the payment dates go in to the vat return. Acural means invoice dates do.

You shouldn’t need to change dates of payments to get it to work. The issue would be whether you have the right vat settings for what your trying to achieve.

Thanks Paul. I’d finally managed to sort out the problem through using my practice account. Problem more to do with fact that new to accounts package. Have always used excel. So have to learn new set of skills!!

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