VAT items not showing on VAT return

Hi - I am wanting to submit my VAT return but I have noticed a couple of transactions NOT showing on the VAT return that clearly should be. I have checked the purchase and payments and all seems fine - what am I missing?

Looking at it again - I seem to have many purchases not appearing on the VAT return - I have printed off the download of both the purchases and VAT return from 1st Oct - 31st December and lots is not on there… help!

Are dates correct for entries? Are they with in VAT period?

Yes they are - I have printed off the purchases between the two dates -checking that they were actually paid in those dates too…

Is vat rate correctly applied on purchases? Secondly check if cash basis is ticked?

Ok - I have now gone through all and am happy that all matches - a bit strange but it must have been me! Thanks for your help…

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