VAT Journal created by quickfile - why?

hi - as per subject - quickfile created a journal for VAT but Im not sure why and also not sure if its affecting anything in anyway?

When you file a VAT return on QuickFile the totals accumulated on the VAT control accounts (2200 & 2201) will be moved on to the VAT Liability account (2202).

All this does is allow you to distinguish what VAT will fall due or become repayable vs the VAT accumulated on day-to-day sales and purchase invoices.

As Glenn explained the figures are transferred from sales VAT and purchase VAT once reconciled - the figure in the VAT liability account should be the amount awaiting payment to/from HMRC and therefore acts as a control account. If the balance does not clear to £0 after payment to/from HMRC it is possible there was an incorrect payment.