VAT MTD problems

I set up Quickfiles and have connected to the HMRC to do my VAT as MTD. I have also filed my sales invoices (monthly 1 each for Jan - March). When clicking on the ‘prepare’ on the VAT report section (with dates set from 1/1/19 ) - it only appears to recognise the invoice from January - failing to import the invoices from Feb and March. What am I missing?

Cash or accrual accounting? And if the latter when were the missing ones paid (not dated)?

cash and all have been entered as paid

What was the date of payment?

The only way I could resolve this was by deleting all 3 of my invoices and re-entering them with different invoice numbers - once this was done it recognised them when I went through ‘VAT report’ and clicked ‘prepare’.

Hopefully that won’t lead to some horrendous confusion down the line…

Hi @piffle

Deleting and re-entering them exactly the same wouldn’t make a difference, so I would suspect there’s either a setting that’s not quite right, or there was something odd about the initial invoices.

I’ll send you a private message shortly so we can take a look at this for you.

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