VAT Not Calculating Correctly

Can someone please help, I am on the Flat Rate Scheme VAT @10% When I run a VAT Report the software is Not Caculating Correctly as it is Caulating the Flat rate and Standard rate together, can the backoffice be set to calculate the flat rate @ 10% only. I have Flate Rate box checked and Rate set to 10%
Is there any phone support, I pay for this programme.
Thanks Chris

Hi @Chris_W

Unfortunately, we don’t offer phone support unfortunately, but as you can see we’re very active on the forums :slightly_smiling:

The software should calculate it at 10% - where are you seeing this that it’s different? Would you be able to post an example please?

Hi I have attached 2 screen shots

My accountant says that it is calculating both flat rate and

I can pass you on to accountant if that would be better

Screenshot removed

Screenshot removed

Hi @Chris_W

Looking at the backing report for this, it seems correct. You can download the report using this button:

Perhaps you’re looking at the wrong value? Flat rate VAT is calculated on the gross amount, not the net.

So an invoice of £1000.00 net on the 10% flat rate scheme would be:
£1000.00 net

  • 20% VAT: £1,200.00
    10% to be paid: £120.00

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