VAT not connected

Hi, I am wanting to submit my VAT returns. However it says that I have to connect, Which I am not sure why as I have managed every other quarter. This is also happen on two other quickfile accounts for two other companies I have so why has this happened?

Hi @ChellePS

Are you using MTD for VAT submissions? Are you able to upload a screenshot of the error message you’re seeing please?

Hi, Yes I am using MTD for Vat submissions and have managed to do so for the past 5 quarters. HMRC VAT qf issues.pdf (120.9 KB)

I think I have attached the screenshot okay.

Hi @ChellePS

The first thing to try would be to completely break the link between QuickFile and HMRC, and re-create it. It could be something as simple as the access has been invalidated on HMRC’s side.

If you go to Reports >> HMRC and select your tax account, you can then click Disconnect, and reconnect it as a new link.

Let me know if that works?

Phew, that worked thank you. I had a feeling I may of had to do that but when it comes to these things I like to check first. Many thanks.

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