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VAT on sales invoice included twice

Hi @QFBeth I wonder if you can help me.

I have a client, cash accounting & FRS, and QF is including the VAT on a sales invoice which was included last quarter (I have checked and it is also greyed out) Last qtr end 31.3.21. Invoice dated 8.3.21 and payment dated 18.3.21, so it was correctly included last quarter. When I prepare the VAT return Qe 30.6.21 just this one transaction gets included again.

I updated their QF yesterday and it wouldn’t let me prepare the VAT return, now I know there was HMRC downtime and I wonder if it is something to do with this. The ‘HMRC Account’ in VAT settings had been changed to ‘no electronic filing’ and I have now changed this back to our Agent settings.

If I make a manual adjustment on the VAT return, to take out the duplication this will then show on my TB incorrectly. So I’m not sure what to do. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @SharronY

If it was included in the last period return have you checked where it was included, the vat element and when the invoice was actually added onto the system?

If a payment isn’t tagged to an invoice at the time of the return then it will be picked up again when it is tagged but you should also see this reversing out on the same return so the end result balances

Thank you for your reply.

Qtr to 31.3.21 it was included in Box1 and box 6.

The invoice was added to the system on 4.5.21 but it was dated 8.3.21 (I update my clients QF once a quarter).

The payment was tagged to the invoice last quarter, and in any case there is no reversing out adjustment this quarter.

I’m still confused.

When did you submit the VAT return?

On 4th May. I update my client’s QF on a quarterly basis, process and submit the VAT return.

Hi @SharronY

I have just sent you a private message to get some further information from you :slight_smile:

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