VAT Period Months Commencing

My VAT period does not fall into the drop menu provided.

I Need it to be Sept Oct Nov

Please help


If you’re filing for 1st September to 30th November you would choose the option.

Mar, Jun, Sep Dec

These are the months commencing for each VAT quarter.

Many Thanks that was really easy to sort

I have done as you suggested but I seem to have this please advise

I entered start date 01/09/2014

*VAT (1 Aug 2014 to 31 Oct 2014)
Accumulated Sales VAT
Accumulated Purchase VAT

I think you must be looking in the Tax Summary area? In the VAT returns section click to create a new VAT return, this will allow you to edit the dates and produce an accurate VAT return, you don’t need to submit or save it.

In the Tax Summary all you will get is your invoicing position not your cash position. Admittedly this period is wrong but it should correct itself once the first return has been filed.

Hi Glen

Love this for my accounts as a Courier. It means I can do everything out on the road in real time

I used to run my own spreadsheet, but it got a bit out of control.

Is there likely to be a charge for using this system in the foreseeable future?

Gus Hunnybun t/a Hunnylogistics

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That’s great to hear! We have no intention of introducing any charges for regular QuickFile users right now. We are likely to develop an add-on pack for advanced users with a number of more sophisticated features, but this will not be applicable for the majority of users.