VAT - picking up 2 invoices from the last period

Just trying to do my first VAT return using this software
Two invoices that are from January 2019 are showing up in the Return for 1/4 to 30/6
They were on my bank account in January - but I think I “tagged” them in May. That seems to be the only reason they will be showing up. Bit odd as other invoices seem to be ok
Any ideas how I can fix it?

Shouldn’t make any difference when you tagged them if you are on cash accounting. If you are on accrual accounting having the date on the invoice set in May would add it to that periods return.

The other thing to check is the start date in your VAT settings. If you set it to 1/4/19 does it still pull in the January invoices?

Hi @Trigger,

Have @Lurch’s suggestions helped to resolve your issue? Please let us know if not and we can take a look at your account if needs be.

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