Vat Preview

Basic Question I’m sure… please help!

My purchases are appearing on the VAT preview, BUT my sales are not. for the sake of catching up, I’m manually entering copies of my sales for the last quarter, and they are not
registering. I’ve listed them all as paid immediately. I’m going wrong somewhere.! I’m a photographer and my projects are only several a month, so easy to re enter.

and, is there a fast way of entering all the little receipts, batteries, petrol, bits and pieces?

Thanks in advance


You could use the quickfile app and enter your purchases on the go

Have you checked the dates of your invoices and that they match the the vat period? Also, when creating invoices make sure you click the Send button. If you click only save it is only saved but not in nominal codes

Thank you… Think I’ve got it… My needs for the software are very basic…


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