VAT rate not selectable when "Create a new invoice for this payment"

From my imported bank statement I click on Tag Me! When I want to “create a new invoice for this payment”, once I have chosen th esupplierm, the VAT dropdown list is greyed out, set to No VAT and not selectable. The suppliers I choose do not have any VAT treatment. I have tested on many transactions and suppliers and get this “bug” every time.
Thanks in advance fro any help on this.

Not sure if you saw the message underneath?

Are you actually on the Flat Rate VAT scheme or has this been enabled in error? On Flat rate you don’t claim back VAT on purchases (excluding £2000+ capital purchases) but pay a smaller rate of VAT on sales.

Thanks Glenn. I am on the flat rate and aware that I cannot reclaim vat on purchases. I assume that teh vat would be logged but not reclaimed. All clear now!

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