VAT recalculation

Hi, how can we change the VAT figures to match the figures which we have already reported before we started using quickfile?? I dont really fancy going through all of my sales figures and changing the VAT amounts to match whats already submitted

Hi Lydia,

Where are you trying to change the VAT figures? On the VAT return itself?

When it comes to filing your first VAT return in QuickFile you just need to ensure that you have all your sales and purchase invoices entered, just for that quarterly period. You don’t need to go back months or years entering historic invoices.

In the VAT settings input your start date to match the beginning of the quarter. If you need to make manual adjustments you can do so on the VAT Return itself, you can also add some notes explaining what those adjustments are for.

I notice in your answer that you say I can make manual changes to the figures on my VAT return. I tried to do this on my recent return but couldn’t get the figures to change. It was for boxes 8 & 9 on the return. After clicking ‘create new vat return’ I clicked on the ‘pen’ icon which opened up a notes box and entered 0.00 in its adjacent figure box but it didn’t input the new figures in the return. What do I need to do? I only provide services to EC countries so my boxes 8 & 9 need to be £0.00.
Thanks if you can help.

You need to type in the amount by which you are adjusting, e.g. if the box says £10 and you want it to say zero then the adjustment is “-10”.

But you should be able to do this without an adjustment (for sales at least) - don’t tick the “reverse charge” checkbox as this will apply the rules for goods, not services. Instead just set the invoice lines as “no VAT” and put a note somewhere on the invoice (maybe in the payment terms section) that “reverse charge applies - customer must account for their own VAT”. This will put the net in box 6 but not box 8.

You’ll still have to do your ECSL by hand though, as QuickFile has no support for EC sales (or purchases) of services.

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