VAT registered in Germany, not VAT registered in the UK

We have registered for VAT in Germany, but are not VAT registered in the UK. How should we best handle this?

Hi @nick2,

This thread may help you: French TVA its French VAT but the principle is the same.

QuickFile was set up to Cater for UK companies registered for UK VAT so you will have to do a ‘work around’ I would advice checking with an accountant to make sure that you are accounting for everything correctly.

Hope this helps

Thanks, I looked at that tread. I don’t have any advance features in account settings. I have “Advanced Settings”, but there is nowhere to enter custom VAT rates (or any mention about any VAT or similar setting). Maybe this changed in recent Quickfile?

From my “Advanced Settings” page, about half way down.


Thanks. I don’t have those settings.
I didn’t enable “VAT registered” in basic settings. Maybe I need to do that, but can I do that when I’m not VAT registered in the UK? Would that cause any issues?

Hi @nick2,

you’ll need to say that you are VAT registered to enable to VAT options. It shouldn’t cause any issues if you make sure to set it for your Germany rate

Thanks, but how will it affect the UK sales that are without vat?
Will it show the German vat number on all invoices, or say 0% vat on all UK invoices?

If I enable the setting can I later disable it?

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