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Vat report data incomplete

Hi, I hope you are all keeping well and that the warm weather and the blue sky are bringing a bit of joy into your lives.

My query:

I’m trying to create the VAT report for the last quarter of the year 2020-2021.

In the past, when I clicked on Create (New Report) I get this green chart with the different boxes/ figures.
This time, the background of the report is white and the Download Calculations button that used to show up at the bottom of the screen is missing.
When I export the data into Excell, I notice that the INVOICE NUMBERS and DATES are missing, so is the VAT total for each amount invoiced.

Also, instead of BOX 6 /GROSS AMOUNT or BOX 1 VAT TOTAL, the headings are NET AMOUNT and VAT AMOUNT, ITEM TYPE and VAT CODES.

-Does anybody know what might have gone wrong here?

Any help would be really appreciated/

Kind regards,

Olga Triana

Nothing has “gone wrong”, you’ve just been moved onto the new version of the VAT return form. The top-right “export” button provides the backing report that you used to get via “download calculations”, the format of this report has changed significantly but all the information is still there - rather than one list of sales and one list of purchases, with different columns for the bits that contribute to the different boxes, there is now a separate list of entries for each box (so for example the sales are listed twice, once for box 1 and once for box 6).

I can’t help as to where the invoice numbers and dates have gone - I see them on my exports, I use accrual accounting so I guess it might be different if you use cash accounting and/or flat rate or similar.

Thank you so much for your reply and your reassurance, Ian. I can see all the changes in the format. For whatever reason, I cannot see invoice numbers, dates nor even VAT figures for each of the entries yet. Very strange. I can only see the totals in the boxes. And yes, I’m on cash accounting /flat rate.

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