Vat report mtd - unable to view VAT obligations

Ive already submitted my previous quarter and downloaded successfully and sent via MTD back in May 2019.

Im trying to create a vat return for period May June and July = submission due end of August.

My year end is 31/07/2019 but not cleared anything down yet. ARE THERE ANY DATES I NEED TO CHANGE IN ANYTHING?

Why does it keep saying unable to connect and states “We were unable to obtain a list of VAT obligations from HMRC. Please retry later” when creating a VAT return in reports.

Is there an issued with HMRC or is there something wrong what I’m doing?

My year end dates are set 31/07/2019. My VAT settings are Feb,May,Aug,Nov.

Please can someone help many thanks.

Hi @Claireabell

HMRC are currently carrying out maintenance which will affect the submission of VAT returns.

HMRC have advised us that they anticipate this to be completed by around 4pm. There are updates being posted on our status page:

Many thanks for this, phew thought I was wrong!

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Just tried again to create a VAT report but despite the status update saying that the HMRC service is now back, I’m still getting the same response: “Unable to view VAT obligations - please try later”. I logged in to my HMRC VAT account separately, so that proves the service is back up. Seems to be a problem at the QuickFile end. The following taken at 19:31 on 19/08/2019.


Hi @bcrompton

Apologies about this.

We have been made aware by HMRC that there is an issue affecting some users. We have updated our status page and added a link to the HMRC status page too.

We’ll update it as soon as we have an update.

Hi @QFMathew. Many thanks for investigating and letting me know. Really appreciate your help.

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