VAT Report Print/Save as PDF


Would you be able to add on an option to print/save VAT reports in PDF?

Thank you

Hi @Filan

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve converted your post to a feature request thread.

We’ll keep this open for other community members to add their comments to. If there’s enough interest, we’ll happily take a closer look.

Generally speaking however, CSV files (which is the backing report you can download from the VAT report screen) is the more preferred option because you can then style it as you want, keep what information you want, and can often be open in a number of different software packages. PDF on the other hand is usually fixed content.

I also believe there should be a PDF option for the vat return report, like Sage software and the HMRC VAT online provide when using their systems

I tool would like a PDF option for the VAT return.

I’d like the option to be able to print a pdf of all the reports…