VAT report will not allow submition

My VAT period is not coming out right. My VAT is quarterly at Flat Rate cash account. start period for the first one is 1 Oct 2013 to end Jan 31st 2014, the setting has been update to reflect the flat rate at a %, cash account ticked etc. the VAT is not allowing me to submit the report stating submission failed. I have posted this before with no reply, although i may have posted it in the wrong section, but please help, the VAT has to be quarterly and correct.with start date form October.

Many Thanks

Looks like @joe answered this here, although we didn’t hear back from you. You can’t submit a VAT period for 4 months, which appears to be what you are trying to do.

Thanks. Ok i get it that VAT cannot cover four month in normal cases, but as it is my very first VAT i am expected by HMRC to report four months, I do i account for this in Quickfile as come next return Jan will be included which i have already reported?


Did you press recalculate before submitting vat return?

Please refer to Joe’s previous answer. To sumamrise, set the dates as follows and everything in month 1 will get pulled forward.

1st November 2013 to 31st January 2014

yes i and it gave me an amount,

thanks it worked,


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