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Hi there and sorry for potentially a dumb newbie question
I’m trying to create my 2nd VAT return report. I initially set my reporting frequency in “VAT Settings” and generated my 1st report for the Jan - Mar period successfully
However I’m now trying to do the same for the period April to June but despite setting the date range in the “VAT Return” page, the report builder pulls in all transactions from January onwards rather than the specified period in the “VAT Return” page.
Am I missing something
All help gratefully received.

How did you submit your returns? I believe that if you submit them outside of Quickfile you need to tell Quickfile that you have submitted them otherwise it will bring in previous transactions in the way you describe.

I can see you’ve not yet submitted any VAT return in QuickFile.
Invoices and purchases will be automatically imported into the first VAT return even if they were entered outside of the period you are filing. You can override this by manually setting a ‘Start Date’ in the VAT settings area.

Many thanks for the quick reply.
Ahhh, that might be it. I submitted my first return outside of Quickfile - direct to HMRC.
Is there somewhere i should have entered that info to reconcile things ?

Thanks Peter
So is that my best route - reset the start date in VAT Settings for each period??
Or is there a way to enter the details of the piro VAT return if made outside of Quickfile ?

You just need to set that start date to equal the 1st day of the return period you’re submitting in QuickFile. You only need to do this for your first return.

By default QF looks for any unreconciled VAT invoices when you file a return. Obviously with your 1st return everything preceding it is unreconciled. We show a red warning message on your first return to warn you about this and the start date acts as a wall to prevent anything before getting picked up.

Hi Glenn
Thanks I saw the message on the VAT return page
It seems the issue is that I submitted my 1st quarter return (Jan - Mar) outside of Quickfile so when I went in today to create the 2nd period return (Apr - June), despite putting in the correct date range on VAT Return page, it still pulled in all items since 3/1/15.
Is there anywhere I can input the VAT amount paid or the completed return data to reconcile things OR do I have to always change the date in VAT Settings if I submit and pay outside of Quickfile ?
Thanks again

@coe62 to exclude items from “outside” of your VAT return go to your VAT Returns and access VAT Settings:

Next, select your “Vat Filling Start Date”:

At the moment your vat start filing date is still 3/1/15

Thanks Peter and everyone for the great support
I’m on it now
All the best

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