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VAT Return 20C1 Problems

I am struggling to do my VAT Return for 20C1 - it is not pulling across the March invoice - it has to be filed by May 7. Otherwise have had no problems since joining QF last year
I cannot see what I have done wrong/differently - would appreciate some help - thanks

Are you on acural or cash accounting?

accrual - ive never had a problem before so not sure why this happened this time

Just out of interest looked to prepare report for 20C2 and this return covers next 3 months (Apr, May & June) and this is pulling through the invoices for Jan, Feb, Mar. Exactly what I want for 20C2 Is there any coronavirus delay that has been allowed by HMRC??? Really strange

If you haven’t submitted the vat return yet then the next one will pull all those invoices in to the next vat return because they havent been closed off. So that’s perfectly normal. As to why the March invoice isn’t being included and the fact your on acural i have no idea. Maybe best to get support to have a look at it for you.

Thanks for your help

How do I get this to the attention of QF support? - close to my VAT filing on 7th May and my issue is still not resolved.

I am trying to do my 20C1 VAT Report and it is not pulling through the March invoice - I need to file by 7th so struggling to understand why. Has worked really well since I started using QF last year - first time having a problem.

Hi @Suki

What period is the VAT return for? Are you on cash or accrual accounting?

Apologies @Suki, I didn’t realise you had posted this twice. I’ve now merged both topics in to one to keep things organised.

Is there anything different about this invoice? For example, is it marked as out of scope or exempt for VAT? Is the invoice correctly dated?

Hi Matthew - thanks for your follow-up. I am on accrual - and I’ve never had a problem before. I am currently working predominantly through an agency so most times only have one invoice a month - I’ve never had an issue before. The only thing I can think of are this one for March is dated 31st March - I don’t recall but may have created/issued it in the evening as opposed to during the day. Could this have made a difference? - I am at a loss otherwise as to what is different this time

I recorded the invoice having been paid on 8th April - but as said with an accrual noting the payment has not made a difference before

@Suki - I’ll send you a private message to get a few more details from you.

Hi Suki,

Did your problem get resolved.

I am also having a problem with my 20C1 return - the system is pulling my invoices from 19C4 when that is paid and up to date with HMRC and recorded in the system as such.

I’m hoping someone will get back to me asap as my return is now late.


Hi @ARasool

Yes, we did resolve the issue. The account was set to cash accounting rather than accrual.

Have you changed schemes (e.g. from cash to accrual)? What are you using at the moment?

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