VAT Return and Tax Summary Alignment

Am I right in thinking that the net VAT position figure in Tax summary should be the same amount as shown in Box 8 of the VAT return because the amounts I see differ. The date range is the same.

The figure in the Tax summary Accumulated Sales VAT is the same as Total VAT due in the Box 3 VAT return.

Are you on cash or accrual accounting for VAT?

I’m not sure of the specifics as I don’t work for QuickFile but I’d expect them to be equal on accrual accounting (except if there are any late-entered invoices from a previous period that have been pulled into a later return) but probably different on cash accounting (as the tax summary is accrual based but the return is based on payments received).

On Accrual so my thoughts are the same that they should be the same.

I have the same issue where the VAT Return and Accumulated Sales VAT do not match for the same period. I’m using cash accounting.

Hi @Kevio

The Tax Summary uses accrual accounting for the VAT section: