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VAT Return - and Wages

I am new to quickfile, and I am trying recreate a VAT return so I understand how to use the system

How do I enter Salaries (Director) so that in the VAT return these are removed from VAT Box 7?

I have tried entering into my Bank Account, and Tagging it as a Directors Salary, but it still appears. (I can make a negative adjustment to get the correct value, but I am sure I have missed somtheing!)

Any help appreciated.


It shouldn’t - the QuickFile VAT return only considers sales and purchase invoice payments, so it shouldn’t be including this amount in the VAT return in the first place unless you’ve tagged it as payment to a supplier rather than “salary”.

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Hi Ian
Thanks for replying.
Perhaps I am doing something wrong.
What I am doing is:

  1. Go to the bank account
  2. Add Transaction - description Wages
  3. Tag the Transactions as Salary (PAYE and tick Director).
  4. Go to Reports and Generate VAT Return.
    Includes in Box 7.

Any suggestions most welcome.

Are you definitely sure it’s the wages you’re seeing? If you “download calculations” on the VAT return screen and open the resulting CSV in excel or google sheets it’ll show you exactly what makes up the box totals.

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