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VAT Return, Box 7 - Picking up purchases from previous return

Hi, I am currently creating my latest VAT return (for Mar-May incl). Box 7 (Total Value of Purchases) is picking up some (not all) purchases from my previous VAT return.
Some guidance on how I might get round this would be appreciated. I could make a manual adjustment but to my mind I should not be picking up past purchases.

When you say “on the past return”, were they actually submitted on the last return or are they just dated within the previous return period?

The way it works is you run your VAT return and it picks up any invoices dated before the end of the return period and not already submitted, so if you entered some invoices after submitting your previous period that were dated 6 months ago these would be submitted with your latest return.

Lurch, thanks for your reply. It turns out that they were dated within the previous return period but not included. So I assume that legitimately I can include the purchases in this latest return?

Hi @britbolton

Yes if they haven’t already been included then you are correct with including them with this one

Many thanks. I’ve now included and submitted.

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