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VAT Return - Box 7

I have been using QuickFile for my VAT return for 2 years with no issues. I am preparing one now, but Box 7 is showing more that expected - it doesn’t correlate with the total in Box 4. I have run a Report and checked the totals for nominal codes 5000-8205, plus 0020, and I get the figure I was expecting, and not the one shown in Box 7. Any ideas as to why there is this anamoly?

When you have any concerns about the box calculations the first thing to do is click the “export” button in the top right corner to download a CSV showing exactly which items contribute to which box. Hopefully that’ll show you where the problem lies (or reassure you that there isn’t a problem).

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Thanks Ian, that is very helpful and useful. I can see now that they are the Cemetery Fees which are VAT exempt, so I’ll go back into QuickFile to see if I can find out why these are being included.

I think this was changed recently - it used to be the case that QuickFile (incorrectly) excluded purchases marked “exempt” from the box 7 total, but they’ve recently fixed this so the only purchases omitted from box 7 are those marked “out of scope”.

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