VAT Return data

When creating my VAT return for Period Apr 19 to Jun 19 the total figure has been based on values from Jan 19 to Jun 19. How can I rectify this to use correct data?

Hi @mccarthykj20

Is this your first VAT return on QuickFile?

No, second. Can I just change the start date in settings?

You can do that. This acts as a filter, so anything before the start date would be ignored.

But, if you have any late entered invoices from the last period that weren’t submitted, these would normally pull through into your next return. Setting the start date may omit these. As always though, download the calculations and double check.

Was the last VAT return for the previous period? If you have 2 consecutive returns, the data should match the date range (with the exception of late entered data).

Yes, last return was for the previuos period. I am on Flat Rate Scheme, so only sales count for me. There are no late invoices as I only have register sales. Should be okay to change the date then?

Thanks for help, Kevin.

Let me send you a private message, I’ll take a quick look for you to see what’s going on. If nothing has been entered late then it should be up to date.

You should see a green notification in the top right hand corner shortly.


It is same here. I am submitting my second VAT return. When I calculate it all data from the previous period are included. After changing the start date it was OK, but shuold I do this every time? I haven’t entered any invoices or purchases for the previous period after submitting the VAT return.

Unless you’ve switched this period from cash to accrual accounting or vice versa then this shouldn’t be happening.

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