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Vat Return Date

Hi did my first VAT return on Quickfile and I was able to override my dates and I did it from the 1st April to the 27th August. This VAT return has been submitted and settled. I now need to do my next VAT return but need to run it from the 28th August but it is only allowing it from the 1st August and pulling in previous data that has already been submitted to HMRC on the first return. Help.

Hi @JHP,

If you have already processed a VAT return on QuickFile then these invoices etc will be locked into that return and so unable to be picked up on the next return.

When you say you are having data being pulled through from the previous period, could this have been added since you’ve processed the VAT return?

Hi Beth,

The problem is I can not change the start date on the VAT return I am trying to do now and it has it pre set as the 1st August and it is pulling in invoices that I entered in August that went through the last VAT return as I was able then to manually change the date to the 27th August.

Check the “export” of the new return, which lists exactly which items are contributing to the return totals. You should see that those are not being included twice - QuickFile’s logic for which items to include in a given VAT return doesn’t take any notice of the period start date, it will take everything that is

  • on or before the period end, and
  • on or after the configured VAT start date (configured at the account level, not the start date of this period), and
  • not already covered by a previous return

The items that went into the return you did up to 27th August will be excluded by the third test.

Hi Ian,

Where do I find the export to check the dates?

It’s either a button labelled “export” at the top right of the return preparation screen or a green button labelled “download calculations” at the bottom - there’s two different versions of the VAT form, I believe they’ve moved most people on to the newer one (export) but you may still be on the old one (download calculations).

Hi Ian,

Yes i have download calculations but no export button anywhere.

Hi @JHP,

The ‘download calculations’ and the ‘export’ buttons are the same thing just on slightly different versions of the VAT return screen.

If you have the ‘download calculations’ button then you can use this to download the backup information to the VAT return to check what has/hasn’t been included.

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