VAT return details not matching


I am trying to file my VAT return and I am getting the message below -

“Based on the current rate of VAT, the amount you have entered in Box 1 exceeds the amount HM Revenue & Customs would have expected you to declare in comparison to the value you have entered in Box 6. This could be correct if you are making an adjustment to a previous return, or have understated the value in Box 6. If you want to amend your return please click the ‘Back’ button below and change the amounts you have entered, alternatively please click the ‘Submit’ button to proceed.”

The figures are not far out, but obviously inconsistent. I have looked at the down loaded calculations and they look o. At the end however there are some transactions under the heading
" Bank Entries (Payments Received) - Customer Payment on Account"

under this is a list of 4 invoices and the heading "VAT claimed for invoice #

on 2 of them it has a minus figure and a minus VAT figure, the other 2 is just a minus figure for the whole amount and a 0 figure for the VAT.

AS far as i can check the 4 invoices mentioned are the same as all my others.
Would appreiciate some help as my return and payment are due today.



Those 4 transactions at the bottom relate to prepayments that were received before the VAT period but allocated to invoices within the VAT period. This accounts for the very slightly higher aggregate rate (+ .5%) of VAT paid to HMRC this quarter. I’ve heard other users report that same message, it automatically appears to warn people if their effective rate of VAT exceeds 20%.