VAT return failed to submit

I have signed up to submit VAT returns with HMRC using the new making tax digital process. However when I try to submit the return for the quarter to 31 March it gives an error and states that I need to submit a return for the quarter beginning 1 April 2019.
The return is showing in the HMRC section and looks like I should be able to submit it.
Any help would be much appreciated.


Sounds like you might have a return already generated and saved. Have a look in Reports > VAT you will need go into the report and roll it back.

Once this is done then you will be able to generate the VAT return in Reports > HMRC

Hope this helps

Thanks for the very quick reply. I have rolled back the return and then generated via reports>HMRC. I now get this message:

Your VAT return has been saved on QuickFile. PLEASE NOTE: This return was not submitted to HMRC , Please ensure that the relevant information is passed onto HMRC before the deadline.

Any ideas as to what to do next?


Have you checked your VAT settings to make sure Enable online Filling is selected?

Hi Beth
Thanks for the quick reply - boxes now ticked and return has been submitted!

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