VAT return figures are fixed to those of a vat return test, that was rolled back

This is my first annual flat rate vat return on quickfile so I did a test vat return, to see how it worked then rolled it back so I could correct some monthly sales invoices and their vat amounts.
(I do not use quickfile to submit to HMRC)
Now the new vat return will only show the first incorrect figures that were rolled back, it will not show the corrected figures that show on the Chart of Accounts.
I tried to use adjustments to give the correct figures but thats no good as the downloaded calculations still show the first rollback figures, so now I have 2 rolled back returns.
Can the rollbacks be deleted so the vat return will show the corrected figures?

Are you setup for accrual or cash based VAT accounting?


I see you’re on accrual, Let me send you a private message to get some more info on these additional items.

Accrual for vat accounting

Thanks for the work around for my special situation where a sale client was making deductions from the sales invoices, the flat rate vat return is showing correctly now.
Again thank you

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