VAT return (first one)

Hello, I am trying to process my first VAT return. I use the Flat rate scheme and normally just add up my sales and fill in the 9 no HMRC boxes and send it off.

With Quickfile can I just fill in a VAT return having added up my sales or do I need to complete what they call a ‘Spreadsheet Report’ to go with the return? If I need to., how do I go about this please?

Confused Tax Payer!

Hello @mitchus925

The MTD scheme HMRC brought in means you will no longer be able to store paper based records and they must be stored digitally.
You can also not just enter the figures in the boxes 1-9 on the vat return as there has to be clear digital links to the information which makes up the figures (either in MTD compliant software or a spreadsheet).

HMRC have given 2 options

  • Enter all your transactions into MTD compliant software and use it to do the submission.
  • Enter all your paper based transactions in a spreadsheet and use compatible bridging software to do your submission.

QuickFile offers both methods

QuickFile is free up to your first 1000 nominal postings in a rolling 12 month period then £60 + vat annually after that.

If you are coming from paper based records and have to digitise your records anyway.
Posting them directly into QuickFile would be the simplest and cheapest option as the software may most likely be free (if you do not have many transactions and are under the threshold).

Our Bridging Module is (£60+ vat annually).
You can try this out for free as you can tick the option and do your first submission free of charge.

If you prefer to use a spreadsheet and the Bridging Module here are the instructions - VAT Bridging

PLEASE NOTE you can not just have a spreadsheet containing values for boxes 1-9 as the whole point of the MTD system is that there is a clear digital link to your backing data/transactions.

Hello Steve,

Thanks very much for your help.

Is there an example I can follow for filling in my sales on a spreadsheet? I am sure it is straightforward although I cannot seem to grasp what to do.

With many thanks,

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Hello Paul

With spreadsheets you have a bit for freedom with the layouts you use but you must keep an accurate account of specific things. More can be found in the link below.

I don’t have examples of recording records in spreadsheets unfortunately, I would usually recommend you enter and store the date in QuickFile.

We have a getting started page in our knowledgebase, there’s no harm in entering your sales invoices and generating a return to see how it works (see link below)

If you which to store your digital records in a spreadsheet, You may wish to speak to your accountant for professional tailored advice.

Thanks very much for your help Steve.

Kind regards,

Paul Mitchell BSc MRICS
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Tel No: 020 8780 5535

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