Vat return has not populated correctly

Please could you help, I have attempted to submit the VAT return for the period of March - May 2024 however the sales figures have not populated and only the purchase figures are showing.
I have checked all the sales dates and they are correct and I checked the following return for the period of June to August 2024 and the figures for both sales and purchases have populated wrongly on this form.
Is there anyway of correcting these returns?
Thanks Nick Evans.

Hello @WJG1

I had a look at the account associated with your email.

I can see that you are on cash accounting.

Under cash accounting the payment dates (the tax points) are used to assign invoices to the relevant returns.

I can see under Sales > View Payments all your sales invoice for Mar-May have payment dates in June meaning they would be picked up in the Jun-Aug return.

If you have entered the payment dates in error, you can look them up in the banking screen, click on the date and edit it.

That`s great, thanks very much.