VAT return incorrect

I have 5 Invoice
Each invoice £45 plus total £54 vat 9
£80 plus vat £96 Vat £16
£75 plus vat £90 vat £15
£35 plus vat £42 vat £7
£30.25 plus vat £36.20 vat £6.05
That what it showing on invoices been created, Total sale £265.25 Total Vat £53.05

But when you go to create vat Return

Vat £63.66
Income £318.05 Why this is happening and how can i fix it
Regards N Ahmed

Hi @Smartkleen

The first thing you should check is the calculations for the return. At the bottom of the return screen you’re given the option to download these as a .csv file. This will show you the complete breakdown.

I’d also recommend checking your VAT settings:

  • If this is your first return, check the start date
  • Are you set up as the correct scheme (cash or accrual)?
  • If you’re on the Flat Rate scheme, is the rate correct?

I hope that helps!

Your settings look incorrect to me:

Accrual Accounting (Flat Rate @ 20%)

Are you actually on the Flat Rate scheme? If so your Flat Rate percentage wouldn’t be 20%. Can you please check this?

Hi Glenn
Thank you for your help.
Wel am not flat rate vat but I had tick box for Flat rate, now i have anticked and saved went back filet vat return figers were right.
Thank you once again.
Regards N Ahmed


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